Pyhimys (FIN)


The rap artist Pyhimys, a.k.a. Mikko Kuoppala, is not the sort of person who will conform to any music industry ‘norms’: his style is very laconic and he doesn’t seem too keen on the idea of being in the media spotlight. Moreover, he writes songs with such erudite and challenging lyrics, it is actually quite astounding how insanely popular he’s become.

Pyhimys has been crowned as the godfather of Finnish hip hop and over the last couple of years has gone from strength to strength, collecting all manner of accolades and awards along the way. His 2018 album Tapa poika was a massive success, shortly followed by a collaboration with psychedelic outfit Saimaa, resulting in the highly praised album, Olisinpa täällä, in 2019. Pyhimys launched the new decade by releasing a deeply personal new album MIKKO, instantly dubbed by critics as ‘perhaps the best record to be released in 2020’. Singles like Muistuta mua and v!@%#mikko are testament to the fact that, once again, Pyhimys has superseded even his own threshold for greatness.

Lucky for you, then, that there’s an opportunity to witness Pyhimys is all his glory when he crashes the party at Ilosaarirock this summer!

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