Luukas Oja

Luukas Oja

Luukas Oja first got together in Joensuu, and have a very special place in the hearts of local fans as they continue to shake up the Finnish rock scene. Luukas Oja shot to fame with the release of their fantastic single Muijista in 2018, and ever since that glorious day the band have enjoyed the unreserved appreciation of both critics and music lovers across the nation. Their debut album Väritetty todellisuus, released in October 2020, was listed among the best albums of the year by some of Finland’s most reputed radio stations and music magazines. Not bad for a band that’s basically just starting out, eh?!

Luukas Oja perform their honest and brazen guitar-driven rock with a mischievous twinkle in their eye, while their dynamic stage show and catchy choruses make you want to bounce around and sing along with abandon.

Since their last visit to Ilosaarirock in 2019, Luukas Oja have, if anything, picked up their pace – so buckle up and get ready for an hour of great tunes and explosive energy!

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