Year after year, the Ilosaarirock festival site is filled with multiple bar areas, a magnitude of restaurants offering any and every type of meal you could possibly be craving for, as well as food vendors selling the sweetest and most savoury delicacies you could dream of. We promise you Рthere’s something for everyone!

Get all decked out in cool accessories by purchasing from one of the multiple vendors inside the festival area. Official Ilosaarirock items, such as hats, t-shirts and towels, as well as merch from the bands and artists that are performing at the festival can be bought inside the merch tent.

Inside the festival area, there are numerous toilets and urinals to use when nature calls. Free water taps for refilling your own bottle can be found inside both the festival area as well as the camping site.


The guiding principle of the Ilosaarirock Festival arrangements is that everyone should feel welcome at our festival.

The Ilosaarirock Festival site is a park with dirt roads, and the area is more or less flat except for the uphill to the Main Tent area. Near the festival area, there is a parking area with a limited number of disabled parking spaces. To park your car there, you need a designated disabled parking permit. There are viewing platforms near the mixing desks of the Main Stage, the Main Tent and the Rento Stage. Guidance and signposts can be found inside the festival area, pointing to and from the stages, the food court, toilets and so on. Toilets with wheelchair access are located near the viewing platforms and in toilet areas.

Assistants of disabled people do not need to buy a ticket to access the festival area. Assistants get their wristbands at the ticket changing points at the Main Gate. We recommend bringing with you proof of need for assistance, such as a Disability Card.

Payment options at the festival

You cannot pay with cash at Ilosaarirock Festival.

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