At the Festival

Every summer, the Ilosaarirock festival grounds offer plenty of services, activities, things to see and do to create that unforgettable festival experience! There are several bar areas, restaurants serving a wide variety of delicious food as well as vendors selling hard-to-resist treats. It’s pretty safe to say that there is something for everyone, when it comes to food and drink at Ilosaarirock!

The festival grounds and camping site both have a lot of free water taps and refill stations where you can fill your own water bottle. There are also plenty of toilets and urinals around the festival site for when you have to answer an urgent call of nature

Festival Site

The festival site Laulurinne park has large lawns and grassy areas as well as a nice beach. Walking from place to place within the festival grounds is mainly done on sandy pathways. Access to the festival grounds will be from the Main Gate. The cloakroom / property lock-ups (“narikka”) are located in between the Main Gate and the security check point.

Throughout the weekend, festival goers are treated to amazing bands on four different stages, additional entertainment, visual experiences as well as tasty food and drink.

“Rokkikontti” Kiosk

The “Rokkikontti” container kiosk selling Ilosaarirock tickets and official merchandise is located in the Joensuu market square. You can also exchange your ticket for a festival wristband at the “Rokkikontti” from Wednesday to Friday of the festival week.

The “Rokkikontti” Opening Times:
Mon 11 July from 10 am to 5 pm
Tue 12 July from 10 am to 5 pm
Wed 13 July from 10 am to 7 pm
Thu 14 July from 10 am to 7 pm
Fri 15 July from 10 am to 7 pm

Wristband Exchange

All Ilosaarirock tickets are exchanged to festival wristbands. This can be done at the “Rokkikontti” container kiosk located in the Joensuu market square from Wednesday to Friday of the festival week. The wristband exchange at the Festival Main Gate is open from Friday, 12 noon onwards. Festival goers staying at Ilosaari Camping can exchange their tickets to wristbands at the camping site gate. The wristband allows you to enter, exit and re-enter the festival grounds during the event.

Wristband exchange at the “Rokkikontti” container kiosk:
Wed 13 July from 10 am to 7 pm
Thu 14 July from 10 am to 7 pm
Fri 15 July from 10 am to 7 pm

Wristband exchange on the festival grounds:
Fri 12 July from 12 onwards

The chip on the wristband functions as an access pass to the festival grounds and the Ilosaari Camping site.


The Ilosaarirock Main Gate is located opposite the Joensuu indoor ice rink. Everyone passing through the gate must have their festival ticket exchanged to a wristband. The wristband allows you to enter, exit and re-enter the festival grounds during the event.

The new Ilosaari Camping festival gate caters for the campsite guests, providing them with a direct route into the festival rounds. This gate is open daily according to the festival opening times.

Information Point and Lost & Found

The Ilosaarirock information point is located right next to the Main Gate. The information point will solve all the festival goers’ problems from a missing ticket to a lost backpack. The info point also sells festival tickets, unless they are sold out in advance.

During the festival weekend, the information point is also the Ilosaarirock Lost & Found. After the festival, on Monday at 2 pm, all the lost property will be forwarded to a local lost property service called “Pohjois-Karjalan löytötavarapalvelu”. Their contact info can be found at:

A disabled person, who has a right for a Personal Assistant (PA), can bring their PA to the festival free of charge. The PA’s free wristband can be collected from the information point upon arrival to Ilosaarirock, and it does not need to be booked in advance. We recommend you bring a certificate or a form of supporting documentation of your need for a PA, for example an EU Disability Card.

Cloakroom / Property Lock-Up

The cloakroom / property lock-up, where you can leave your extra belongings for a fee, is located in the zone after the festival Main Gate. The lock-up, or “narikka” in Finnish, is open from the beginning to the end of the festival weekend at the following times: Fri from 1:00 pm to 2:30 am, Sat from 11:00 am to 2:00 am and Sun from 12:00 noon to 1:30 am.

Due to limited space, we cannot store alcoholic beverages in the property lock-up. Each visit to the lock-up costs 4 euros. Only pack things you can carry with you at the festival!

Make sure you collect your belongings from the property lock-up before it closes. Ilosaarirock is not responsible for any uncollected items.

Security Check

Everyone entering the festival grounds will also go through a security check. The purpose of the checks carried out by the security guards is to prevent any forbidden items or substances being brought into the festival grounds and to ensure the safety of all festival goers.

If you are heading for the festival site to see a particular artist’s performance, make sure to allow enough time for the wristband and security checks at the gates. The gates might get congested at certain times.

Restaurants and Bars

There are plenty of food vendors and eateries around the Ilosaarirock festival grounds serving a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan food. Specific dietary requirements have also been taken into account.

The Ilosaarirock festival site boasts six bar areas as well as two VIP bars. All bars are stocked with a wide selection of excellent beverages and drinks – and each bar area also has its own specialties. The beverages for this year’s Ilosaarirock are supplied by the Finnish beverage company Hartwall, who are famous of their Original Long Drink that is now available at Ilosaarirock for the first time! Explore each bar area, so you’ll get a full taste of what they have to offer.

Non-alcoholic options are also always available in all our bars.

In the Kerubi Pop-up restaurant found in the Tent Stage (“Tähtiteltta”) zone, adults can enjoy great delicacies accompanied with alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

All the bar areas are for over 18-year-olds only (the minimum legal drinking age in Finland is 18), so please be prepared to prove your age by presenting your ID.

Payment Methods

The accepted methods of payment at Ilosaarirock are the most common debit cards, credit cards as well as contactless payment and contactless mobile payment methods. All Ilosaarirock traders and vendors accept card payments.

Card payments are easy, quick and hygienic. You won’t be needing cash at all – and it won’t be accepted as a method of payment at Ilosaarirock.

Seating Areas

Seating areas and places to rest can be found all around the Ilosaarirock festival site. The largest seating area is located next to the Food Court (“Ruokakeidas”). There are also plenty of grassy areas on the Ilosaarirock festival grounds where you can sit down, relax and enjoy the best weekend of the summer.

Toilets and Hand Washing Stations

Ilosaarirock has plenty of toilets and urinals located both inside and outside the festival site to bring relief from full bladders. Don’t be a jackass – pee in the toilets, not in bushes or especially not on walls or in people’s gardens.

There are six large toilet blocks in the Ilosaarirock festival site. They can be found next to the Rento Stage (“Rentolava”), in the Soundi Stage (“Soundilava”) and Tent Stage (“Tähtiteltta”) zones, as well as next to the cloakroom / property lock-up. There are toilets also inside the Main Stage bar and the “Tähtibaari”. Each zone has wheelchair accessible disabled toilets, which can also be found in the immediate vicinity of each viewing platform.

There are always signs on the doors of the accessible toilets, stating that customers in wheelchairs, other festival goers who need to use an accessible toilet or holders of a Toilet Card / Can’t Wait Card (“Vessapassi” in Finnish) are entitled to use the accessible toilet and have the right to jump any possible queues.

The toilets at Ilosaarirock are gender-neutral unisex toilets. We only make the distinction of having separate areas for those peeing standing up or sitting down. For those peeing standing up, the toilet areas have urinals.

All the large toilet blocks have hand washing facilities with running water and eco-friendly soap. The hand washing stations are not meant for filling up your water bottle. There are plenty of water points all over the festival site, where you can refill your reusable water bottle. Stay hydrated – remember to drink enough water!


100% of the Ilosaarirock waste is being recycled or used for energy production. There are recycling bins for biodegradable waste, metal, glass, cardboard, plastic packaging, cans and bottles as well as hazardous waste. Additionally, there are over a hundred bins for combustible waste, and separate bins for cigarette butts.

Volunteers at the numerous recycling stations around the festival site instruct you in sorting your waste into the correct recycling bins!

The plates and cutlery used in Ilosaarirock are made of plastic-free cardboard or biodegradable material. They are sorted into energy waste. We stopped using biodegradable dishes, since the local biowaste processing sites are not able to process waste in the quantities produced by the festival. So, large quantities of food waste are sorted into biowaste and the plates and cutlery are sorted into energy waste.

Ilosaari Shop and Band Merchandise

The official Ilosaarirock clothing, accessories and other products as well as band merch of the artists performing at the festival are sold in the Ilosaari Shop, located in the Main Stage zone. The “Rokkikontti” container kiosk located at the Joensuu market square also sells this year’s official Ilosaarirock merchandise throughout the festival week.

The official Ilosaarirock merchandise can be bought in advance here.


We recommend that you bring your own earplugs. Earplugs are also sold in the festival site, e.g. in the Information Point and the Ilosaari Lounge.

Mobile Phone Charging

If your mobile phone runs out of battery in the middle of the festival, fear not! Mobile phone charging stations provided by the local energy company Pohjois-Karjalan Sähkö (PKS) can be found around the festival grounds. They are free-of-charge for all festival goers to use. While your phone is charging, you can park yourself at the PKS stand, relax and find out more about their range of more eco-friendly electricity options.

Meeting Points

You don’t need to experience the festival fun on your own, as you can swing by the “Kaverisovellus” buddy app Meeting Points and find yourself a festival buddy for your favourite gig. There are several Meeting Points around the festival site, and the “Kaverisovellus” buddy app itself is available for download from the most common app stores. The app is free to use.

Mobile App

The Ilosaarirock 2022 app will be greater than ever with lots of amazing offers and benefits for the users! The Ilosaarirock festival app will be available for download from the most common app stores during June.

Opening Times

On each festival day, the last artist will finish their performance 45 minutes before the festival gates close for the night, after which the discos on the Soundi Stage still go on for a while on Friday and Saturday. For more detailed set times, please check the Timetables page.

Fri 15 July from 2:00 pm to 2:30 am
Sat 17 July from 12:00 noon to 2:00 am
Sun 18 July from 1:00 pm to 1:30 am


DSLR cameras are allowed in the festival site and taking photos for private personal use is permitted. However, please leave the large amounts of extra photographic gear, equipment and flashlights at home. Some of our artists may have more strict rules about photographing and filming, so please follow the instructions of the festival staff and also please respect the privacy of your fellow festival goers.

No professional filming, photographing or recording of the gigs is allowed without the artist’s prior consent.

Official Ilosaarirock photographers and videographers will roam the festival site and the surrounding areas. Their images are used in the Ilosaarirock marketing activities as well as on the event’s social media channels and the website Media will also be present at the festival, filming and photographing for news purposes.

If you post pics you have taken on your own social media channels, for example, be sure to tag llosaarirock and use the official hashtags #ilosaarirock and #kesänparasviikonloppu.

Bringing Your Own Food and Drink

You are allowed to bring unopened and transparent max. 1.5-litre plastic bottles, as well as empty, transparent max. 1.5-litre plastic bottles to the Ilosaarirock festival site – no alcohol bottles though. Empty re-usable water bottles are also allowed. There are plenty of water taps around the festival site where you can fill your bottle with fresh water. The tap water in the Joensuu region is tested and proven to be of excellent quality! Small juice boxes / cartons (with straws) are also allowed. Bringing glass bottles or any kind of alcohol to the festival grounds is not allowed.

Regular-sized packed lunches, such as sandwiches, fruit, candy, snacks etc. are allowed.


Ilosaarirock is committed to ensuring that everyone is welcome and can attend our festival.

The Ilosaarirock festival site is located in a parkland area, where moving from place to place is mainly done on sandy pathways. The area is more or less flat, apart from the uphill leading up to the Tent Stage (“Tähtiteltta”) zone. There is plenty of signage to help you navigate around the festival site.

There is a car park near the festival site with a limited number of free-of-charge disabled parking spaces. Parking in these spaces requires a valid parking card for people with reduced mobility. The accessible taxi (“invataksi”) drop off point is located near the main gate.

Viewing platforms with accessible ramps for customers with reduced mobility are located at the Main Stage (“Päälava”), Tent Stage (“Tähtiteltta”) and Rento Stage (“Rentolava”). Personal Assistants can join the person they are assisting on the viewing platform if there is space. Every platform always has a steward, who can also assist customers with reduced mobility to get onto and off the viewing platform, if needed.

Wheelchair accessible toilets are located in the immediate vicinity of the viewing platforms as well as in the toilet blocks. Toilets right next to the viewing platforms are reserved only for people with reduced mobility and the holders of a Toilet Card / Can’t Wait Card (“Vessapassi” in Finnish).

A disabled person, who has a right for a Personal Assistant (PA), can bring their PA to the festival free of charge. The PA’s free wristband can be collected from the information point upon arrival to Ilosaarirock, and it does not need to be booked in advance. We recommend you bring a certificate or a form of supporting documentation of your need for a PA, for example an EU Disability Card.

Area Map

Download the map of the area as a PDF file.

Ilosaarirock Festival Area Map

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