VIP Services

As an Ilosaarirock VIP ticket holder, you get to enjoy the festival atmosphere in a unique way. In addition to the regular Ilosaarirock programme, services and amenities, you get access to the totally renewed, exclusive VIP Areas that feature everything you need for creating that five-star festival experience – all top-notch!


The Ilosaarirock VIP tickets need to be exchanged for VIP wristbands, which will give you access to both the festival site and the VIP Areas.

The VIP customers also have a dedicated entry lane for the Main Gate and the security check, marked with VIP signs.

The property lock-up (“narikka”) located in the area between the Main Gate and the security check also has its own service counter dedicated for the VIP customers.

VIP Areas

The Ilosaarirock VIP experience boasts two separate VIP Areas, located close to the biggest Ilosaarirock stages. Both VIP Areas feature brand-new, exclusive and comfortable facilities with premium services.

The VIP Areas have full bars stocked with something for everyone – from champagne to craft beers and from shots to mocktails. We also have a special treat for the VIP customers: our local mixologist has created totally unique VIP cocktails for the Ilosaarirock VIP customers. The ingredients include pineapples and citrus fruit that were going to waste, of which the bartenders made fruit syrups and juices to be used in the cocktails – mixed especially for you!

The Main Stage VIP enclosure features a brand-new structure rising up in the middle of the green grass, with the best view of the Main Stage (“Päälava”). The second floor is reserved exclusively for the box seats of the corporate hospitality guests.

The Main Stage VIP area has a well-stocked bar with all the trimmings and a lush outdoor area to chill and relax in whilst checking out the artists on the Main Stage or just soaking up the best days of the summer.

The dedicated Main Stage VIP toilets (of the flushing kind!) are located right next to the VIP enclosure, on the way to the Soundilava Stage.

The Tent Stage VIP enclosure has an awesome brand-new restaurant tent, where you can kick back, unwind, enjoy a drink or two, eat and socialise. On the outdoor patio/beer garden area, you can also dance to the tunes of the Tent Stage (“Tähtiteltta”) performers.

For those who have purchased the VIP & DINNER package, a delicious buffet is served in the Tent Stage restaurant tent, prepared with a decade of experience by the local restaurant Kerubi.

The dedicated Tent Stage VIP toilets (the flushing kind!) are located at the back of the VIP area.

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