Liam Gallagher (UK)

Liam Gallagher

SAT 16th JUL 0:30am | Main Stage

No one embodies the soul of Britpop quite like Liam Gallagher, the iconic frontman of the genre-defining rock band, Oasis. Formed in Manchester in 1991, Oasis oozed confidence, attitude and a level of belligerence not seen since punk’s heyday. Along with his brother and bandmate, Noel, Liam Gallagher’s influence can be felt throughout the albums and songs that defined a generation and are still considered as some of the best in the history of rock music.

Liam Gallagher’s first two solo albums As You Were and Why Me? Why not showed that the artist has lost none of his cool or charisma, while treating fans to more of his trademark gravelly voice. However, it was his live album released during the summer of 2020 that reminded us all that Liam Gallagher is, above all, an exceptional live performer. Genuine, warm and intimate, the album is the first MTV Unplugged record since Nirvana’s legendary session in ’94 to reach number one in the album charts.

Imagine bathing in the evening sun while one of the all-time great rock singers serenades you with some of the all-time classics... Well, that is exactly what’s happening when Liam Gallagher rolls up on stage at Ilosaarirock in July 2022. We simply could not be more ready!

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