Ilosaarirock Festival 2023

Food and Drink


Once your hunger has been conquered, it's time to quench your thirst! At the Ilosaarirock festival area, you'll find a variety of refreshing bars, as well as a Choice booth for non-alcoholic beverages and mocktails, located along the path leading to Rento Stage.

The drink selection is sure to have something for everyone: for beer enthusiasts, we have the gluten-free and organic Lapin Kulta Pure or the delightful Lahden erikoinen beers. For those who enjoy a concrete grey (or perhaps a more colorful?) long drink, we have the authentic Original Long Drink. And for those who prefer completely non-alcoholic thirst quenchers, we have a range of options without any alcohol in them. Cocktails, ranging from mild to strong, are prepared at stylish and cozy branded bars throughout the festival area.

Ilosaarirock Festival Wine Bar

In addition to beers, mixers and cocktails, Ilosaarirock bars also serve delicious wines. Spot the cycling bear inside the Main Stage bar area and hop on Hans Baer's cargo bike with a glass of Riesling, Pinot Noir or some pretty rosé. Sparkling wine lovers will surely enjoy the bubbly prosecco from Fiorissimo, with its smooth flavors taking you on a journey straight to Northern Italy.

If holding a wine glass becomes tiresome, keep in mind that you can also get drinks in buckets at the festival area! Refreshments can also be obtained from the Thirst Station (“Janoasema”) at the Tent Stage bar area, and rumor has it that there is a secret, 1-3 star bar hidden somewhere within the festival area! You never know until you go!

The VIP bars at the Main Stage and Tent Stage gather the delicacies found at other bars in the festival area conveniently under one counter. VIP customers have access to a slightly broader drink selection, including genuine champagne and a drink named "Kesän paras viikonloppu 2023" (Summer’s Best Weeked 2023), which you can't find elsewhere in the festival area. Yum!

Ilosaarirock Festival Lapin Kulta Pure

In addition to the Choice booth, non-alcoholic beverages are sold at all Ilosaarirock bars, offering a variety of soft drinks, flavored waters, non-alcoholic craft beers, and even ginger beer. The Choice booth also offers non-alcoholic wine.

Please note that a €1 deposit is added to the price of every alcoholic beverage at Ilosaarirock (cans, bottles, glasses, and cups). There is no deposit for shot glasses or non-alcoholic drink containers (cans and bottles). Wine or champagne coolers and buckets have a €5 deposit.

Deposits can be returned with the next purchase, where the deposit amount is credited towards the purchase or returned to a deposit point, where the deposit is refunded to your payment card.