Ilosaarirock 2023


Ilosaarirock, known locally as the best weekend of the summer, takes place over three days in Joensuu, Finland from the 14th to the 16th of July, 2023. The festival is held at a scenic lakeside location, and is within walking distance from the city centre.

Ilosaarirock has been running since 1971. The festival is organised by Joensuu Pop Musicians’ Association, a non-profit organisation founded on the idea of supporting the live music scene.

Ilosaarirock Festival is much loved and treasured by both the organisers and guests, bringing together a crowd of some 70 000 people annually for one happy, lively and openminded weekend.

Ticket Types and Prices

Three-day tickets and three-day VIP tickets to the 2023 edition of Ilosaarirock Festival are now available for purchase. Two-day and one-day ticket types will be available at a later date.

Ticket prices (valid starting from 1st of January):
3 DAYS 189 €
VIP 3 DAYS 299 €

Possible service fees will be added on to the ticket prices at point of purchase.

All festival tickets will be exchanged for wristbands before entering the festival area.

Points of Sale

Tickets to the 2023 edition of Ilosaarirock Festival can be purchased from Tiketti and’s web stores and outlets.

In Joensuu, you can purchase tickets at Prisma and at all R-Kioski’s. You can check your nearest points of sale on each of the ticket sellers’ websites.


Ilosaarirock VIP offers an exclusive and unforgettable way to experience the festival. Our VIP customers gain access to restricted VIP areas near the festival’s Main Stage and Main Tent. Comfortable seating areas and exclusive drink menus available only to our VIP customers are just a few of the perks that come with the Ilosaarirock VIP experience.

VIP ticket holders will be able to enter the festival site by using the VIP entry lane. VIP ticket holders also have access to indoor bathrooms inside the festival area.

Ilosaarirock’s VIP is R-18. Please note that the VIP tickets do not include any food or drink. The VIP buffet will be available for purchase separately at a later date.

Age Limits

Ilosaarirock Festival does not have an age limit, but we recommend that children under 12 years old are accompanied by an adult. Under 8-year-olds get in for free with an adult who has a ticket.

Please note that the festival should be attended on children’s terms: late nights and tens of thousands of festival guests are not a suitable environment for the youngest and smallest of the family. Please offer a safe festival experience to all children!

Ticket Returns

Changes to the line-up, schedules and other arrangements of the festival are always possible and will be communicated without delay. The general practice is that festival tickets cannot be returned or refunded due to such events.

Getting to Joensuu

Ilosaarirock takes place in Eastern Finland, in the Laulurinne park (Google maps: Linnunlahdentie 3), which is located approximately one kilometre from the Joensuu city centre. The city is easily reached by train, bus, air or by car.

The Joensuu railway station and bus stops are less than two kilometres from the Ilosaarirock festival site. Free-of-charge “Rokkibussi” festival shuttle buses transport festival-goers from and to the railway station to the Ilosaarirock festival site during the festival weekend.

If you are driving to Ilosaarirock, it’s a great idea to load up the car with other festival-goers! There are a number of car-sharing organisations which pair drivers with passengers. You could also check out the car share (“kimppakyyti”) groups on different social media platforms.

Audience transport to and from Ilosaarirock puts more strain on the environment than any other aspect of the event. That’s why we encourage everyone to arrive by foot or bike, if possible, or by public transport or car shares. In addition to saving money and having fun company for the ride, you’ll be doing Mother Nature a favour too!

Parking for Bikes

You can leave your bike in a secure cycle parking area located right next to the festival entrance. The paid bicycle park is open all festival weekend long. You may also park your own electric scooter in the bicycle parking area. There are separate, designated parking areas for the shared rental e-scooters near the festival grounds.

Parking tickets to the bicycle parking area can be purchased at point of entry.

Please collect your bike or e-scooter from the bicycle parking area before it closes. There are no guards in the cycle parking area at night, and Ilosaarirock is not responsible for any uncollected items left there.

Parking Areas for Cars

Parking areas for passenger cars can be found right near the festival grounds. Tickets to these parking areas can be purchased in advance in the spring of 2023. We recommend you buy your parking tickets well before the festival as parking space is limited at Ilosaarirock Festival. Sleeping in cars is strictly forbidden.

Ilosaari Camping

The official campsite of Ilosaarirock Festival is “Holiday Linnunlahti” located right next to the festival area. The well-equipped camping site that operates all year round offers festival goers all the amenities you might need throughout the festival weekend.

Along with tents, you may also stay in your own campervan, caravan or bus inside the camping site.

All camping tickets, as well as campervan, caravan and bus tickets, will be available for purchase at a later date. The camping tickets are personal, not tent or campervan/caravan specific, so each campsite guest must buy their own camping ticket.

The age limit at Ilosaari Camping is 12 years.

Hotels in Joensuu

The nearest hotels are located in Joensuu city centre, approximately a 1,5 kilometer distance from the Ilosaarirock festival site. We strongly recommend booking your hotel stay well in advance as the city of Joensuu tends to get very busy during the Ilosaarirock weekend!

Sokos Hotel Kimmel
Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
Scandic Joensuu
GreenStar Hotel Joensuu
Lietsu Boutique Aparthotel

Alternative Accommodations

Once Ilosaarirock nears, more private accommodation options become available. Accommodations such as locals’ apartments and vacation homes can be searched for on AirBnb or

Please be aware of possible scammers when reserving your private accommodations! We recommend you book your stay via verified channels or people you know and can identify. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is! Ilosaarirock Festival is not responsible for any possible scams you may encounter when reserving a private accommodation.

The festival site Laulurinne park has large lawns and grassy areas as well as a nice beach. Walking from place to place within the festival grounds is mainly done on sandy pathways. Access to the festival grounds will be from the Main Gate. The cloakroom & property lock-ups are located in between the Main Gate and the security check point.

Throughout the weekend, festival goers are treated to amazing bands on four different stages, additional entertainment, visual experiences as well as tasty food and drink.

Payment Methods

The accepted methods of payment at Ilosaarirock are the most common debit cards, credit cards as well as contactless payment and contactless mobile payment methods. Cash isn’t accepted as a method of payment at Ilosaarirock at all.

Information Point and Lost & Found

The Ilosaarirock information point is located right next to the Main Gate. The information point will solve all the festival goers’ problems from a missing ticket to a lost backpack. The info point also sells festival tickets, unless they are sold out in advance.

During the festival weekend, the information point is also the Ilosaarirock Lost & Found. After the festival, on Monday at 2 pm, all the lost property will be forwarded to a local lost property service called “Pohjois-Karjalan löytötavarapalvelu”. Their contact info can be found at:

Cloakroom & Property Lock-Up

The cloakroom & property lock-up, where you can leave your extra belongings for a fee, is located in the zone after the festival Main Gate. The cloakroom is open from the beginning to the end of the festival weekend. Due to limited space, we cannot store alcoholic beverages in the property lock-up.

Make sure you collect your belongings from the cloakroom before it closes. All uncollected belongings will be delivered to the Information Point and Lost & Found, and after the festival all uncollected items will be forwarded to the local lost property service. Ilosaarirock is not responsible for any uncollected items.

Food, Drink and Water Taps

There are plenty of food vendors and eateries around the Ilosaarirock festival grounds serving a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan food. Specific dietary requirements have also been taken into account.

The Ilosaarirock festival site boasts multiple bar areas for all of our over 18-year-old festival guests (the minimum legal drinking age in Finland is 18). Please be prepared to prove your age by presenting your ID! All bars are stocked with a wide selection of excellent beverages and drinks – and each bar area also has its own specialties. Non-alcoholic options are also always available in all our bars. There’s also a bar that serves non-alcoholic drinks only.

In addition to ordering from and frequenting the various food vendors and bars inside our festival area, you are also allowed to bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks inside the festival area. 1.5-litre plastic bottles, as well as empty, transparent max. 1.5-litre plastic bottles are allowed inside the Ilosaarirock festival site – no alcohol bottles though. Empty re-usable water bottles are also allowed. There are plenty of water taps around the festival site where you can fill your bottle with fresh water. The tap water in the Joensuu region is tested and proven to be of excellent quality! Small juice boxes / cartons (with straws) are also allowed. Bringing glass bottles or any kind of alcohol to the festival grounds is not allowed.

Regular-sized packed lunches, such as sandwiches, fruit, candy, snacks etc. are allowed.

Toilets and Hand Washing Stations

Ilosaarirock has plenty of toilets and urinals located both inside and outside the festival site to bring relief from full bladders. Don’t be a jackass – pee in the toilets, not in bushes or especially not on walls or in people’s gardens.

There are multiple toilet blocks inside the festival area. Each zone has wheelchair accessible disabled toilets, which can also be found in the immediate vicinity of each viewing platform. There are always signs on the doors of the accessible toilets, stating that customers in wheelchairs, other festival goers who need to use an accessible toilet or holders of a Toilet Card / Can’t Wait Card (“Vessapassi” in Finnish) are entitled to use the accessible toilet and have the right to jump any possible queues.

The toilets at Ilosaarirock are gender-neutral unisex toilets. We only make the distinction of having separate areas for those peeing standing up or sitting down. For those peeing standing up, the toilet areas have urinals.

All the large toilet blocks have hand washing facilities with running water and eco-friendly soap. The hand washing stations are not meant for filling up your water bottle. There are plenty of water points all over the festival site, where you can refill your reusable water bottle.

As an Ilosaarirock VIP ticket holder, you get to enjoy the festival atmosphere in a unique way. In addition to the regular Ilosaarirock programme, services and amenities, you get access to the exclusive VIP Areas that feature everything you need for creating that five-star festival experience – all top-notch!

Ticket Types

There are three-day, two-day and one-day tickets available for VIP at Ilosaarirock. Three-day VIP tickets to the 2023 edition of Ilosaarirock Festival are now available for purchase. Two-day and one-day tickets will be available at a later date.

VIP tickets do not include any food or drink. The VIP buffet will be available for purchase separately at a later date.

VIP Areas

The Ilosaarirock VIP experience boasts two separate VIP Areas, located close to the biggest Ilosaarirock stages, the Main Stage and the Tent Stage (Tähtiteltta). Both VIP Areas feature exclusive and comfortable facilities with premium services.

The VIP Areas have full bars stocked with something for everyone – from champagne to craft beers and from shots to mocktails.

The Main Stage VIP enclosure features a fantastic structure rising up in the middle of the green grass, with the best view of the Main Stage. The second floor is reserved exclusively for the box seats of the corporate hospitality guests. All box seats to Ilosaarirock 2023 are fully reserved.

The Main Stage VIP area has a well-stocked bar with all the trimmings and a lush outdoor area to chill and relax in whilst checking out the artists on the Main Stage or just soaking up the best days of the summer.

The Tent Stage VIP enclosure has an awesome brand-new restaurant tent, where you can kick back, unwind, enjoy a drink or two, eat and socialise. On the outdoor patio/beer garden area, you can also dance to the tunes of the Tent Stage performers.

There will also be a delicious buffet served at the Tent Stage VIP. You will need to purchase a voucher to eat at the buffet. The vouchers will be on sale at a later date.


The Ilosaarirock VIP tickets need to be exchanged for VIP wristbands, which will give you access to both the festival site and the VIP Areas. The VIP customers also have a dedicated entry lane for the Main Gate and the security check, marked with VIP signs.

The cloakroom & property lock-up located in the area between the Main Gate and the security check also has its own service counter dedicated for the VIP customers.

100% of the Ilosaarirock waste is being recycled or used for energy production. There are recycling bins for biodegradable waste, metal, glass, cardboard, plastic packaging, cans and bottles as well as hazardous waste. Additionally, there are over a hundred bins for combustible waste, and separate bins for cigarette butts.

Volunteers at the numerous recycling stations around the festival site instruct you in sorting your waste into the correct recycling bins!

The plates and cutlery used in Ilosaarirock are made of plastic-free cardboard or biodegradable material. They are sorted into energy waste. We stopped using biodegradable dishes, since the local biowaste processing sites are not able to process waste in the quantities produced by the festival. So, large quantities of food waste are sorted into biowaste and the plates and cutlery are sorted into energy waste.

Ilosaarirock is fully committed to ensuring that everyone is welcome and can attend our festival.

The Ilosaarirock festival site is located in a parkland area, where moving from place to place is mainly done on sandy pathways. The area is more or less flat, apart from the uphill leading up to the Tent Stage zone. There is plenty of signage to help you navigate around the festival site.

There is a car park near the festival site with a limited number of free-of-charge disabled parking spaces. Parking in these spaces requires a valid parking card for people with reduced mobility. The accessible taxi (“invataksi”) drop off point is located near the main gate.

Viewing platforms with accessible ramps for customers with reduced mobility are located at the Main Stage, Tent Stage and Rento Stage. Personal Assistants can join the person they are assisting on the viewing platform if there is space. Every platform always has a steward, who can also assist customers with reduced mobility to get onto and off the viewing platform, if needed.

Wheelchair accessible toilets are located in the immediate vicinity of the viewing platforms as well as in the toilet blocks. Toilets right next to the viewing platforms are reserved only for people with reduced mobility and the holders of a Toilet Card / Can’t Wait Card (“Vessapassi” in Finnish).

A disabled person, who has a right for a Personal Assistant (PA), can bring their PA to the festival free of charge. The PA’s free wristband can be collected from the information point upon arrival to Ilosaarirock, and it does not need to be booked in advance. We recommend you bring a certificate or a form of supporting documentation of your need for a PA, for example an EU Disability Card.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback regarding our accessibility, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at .

One of Ilosaarirock’s core values is equality. Everyone is welcome at our festival as they are. We want all of our visitors, employees, artists and partners to feel safe and free to express themselves at Ilosaarirock. We do not allow any kind of discrimination at Ilosaarirock.

We have a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment or abuse at Ilosaarirock. Our security guards and festival staff have been trained to recognise incidents of harassment and how to intervene. Additionally, the Finnish Red Cross will have a sexual harassment support person on site and the police will keep the threshold for reporting crimes low. With all these actions, we want to make sure that the best weekend of the summer is indeed just that, for everyone.

Please respect the physical and mental integrity of each and every one of your fellow revellers and take others into consideration. If you witness or experience any inappropriate behaviour, alert or turn to any of the festival security guards or Ilosaarirock staff members. If needed, we will remove any and all harassers and abusers from the festival area and prevent them from entering again.

Safety first! We want all of our customers to be able to concentrate on enjoying the festival with peace of mind. The Ilosaarirock organisers work closely with different authorities to ensure safety at the event, and the festival has indeed been praised for the smooth running and peacefulness of the event – also by the authorities.

We have hundreds of security guards both inside the festival and camping sites, as well as the areas just outside them, ensuring the safety of our customers. The local police and rescue services as well as the Finnish Red Cross’ first aid and support services are also all on duty on the festival grounds.

We also take part in developing even safer ways of organising events in cooperation with various national and international parties. We are constantly planning and mapping out safe alternatives and options for the event organising industry.

Security Check

Everyone entering the festival grounds will have to go through a security check. The purpose of the checks carried out by the security guards is to prevent any prohibited items or substances being brought into the festival grounds. The final decision about whether an item or a substance is safe to bring into the festival site or not is made by the security guards.

If you are heading for the festival site to see a particular artist’s performance, make sure to allow enough time for the wristband and security checks at the gates. The gates might get congested at certain times.

First Aid

The First Aid station run by the Finnish Red Cross is located right outside of the festival Main Gate and is open 24/7, i.e. around the clock, from Friday to Monday. In addition to that, there are first aid teams on patrol around the festival site. The First Aid station also provides professional emotional support in any kind of situation.

The purpose of our own First Aid station and patrol teams is to not burden the local health centers and hospitals during the busy weekend of Ilosaarirock.

If you need help, you can turn to any member of the first aid or security staff.

Dense Crowds and Crowd Surfing

There are a lot of people at Ilosaarirock. If you feel uncomfortable in tight spaces, it’s best to avoid dense crowds. The crowd pressure can build up very quickly, especially in the front-of-stage areas, and the situation can become very uncomfortable. If you are trapped in a crushing crowd, stay calm and don’t push, move with the crowd instead. If you need help, ask for it loudly.

Crowd surfing, the activity of lying flat while being passed over the heads of the audience (i.e. surfing) is banned. The purpose of this is to avoid and prevent dangerous situations in a large crowd. Sitting on someone’s shoulders is also not allowed.


Smoking is prohibited in the areas in front of the stages and in the tents with performances. There are big ashtrays on the festival grounds with designated smoking areas around them where smoking is allowed. All the festival site smoking restrictions apply also to e-cigarettes/vapes.

Please be respectful of your fellow revellers – not everyone is a fan of cigarette smoke, even outdoors. Be respectful of your environment as well and put all cigarette butts in to the ashtrays provided around the festival area.


The Ilosaarirock Rento Stage is on a beach, where you can cool off in the water during the day. However, swimming under the influence/while intoxicated is not safe. The swimming area perimeter is marked with buoys on the water. For the sake of your own safety, please only swim in the designated swimming area. The beach is supervised by security guards and the Joensuu Lake Rescuers (“Joensuun Järvipelastajat”).


All ages are welcome at Ilosaarirock. We recommend that children under the age of 12 be accompanied by an adult.

Please keep in mind to enjoy the festival on the kids’ terms. Being in the throngs of festival goers as the night is drawing in is not the right place for children. Please make sure the children have a substance-free and safe festival experience.


Bringing animals into Ilosaarirock is not allowed, for obvious reasons.


The recommended sound-level exposure values might be exceeded on the festival grounds. Protect your hearing by using earplugs or noise-reduction ear muffs. Earplugs are also sold inside the festival area.

Fence Vandalism

The festival and camping sites are surrounded by temporary fencing. Leave the fences be, as they have been put there to ensure the safety of our festival goers and of the nearby residents. Anyone caught vandalising a fence is liable for any damage caused – 200 euros + VAT per fence panel.


Using various video and camera equipment is allowed at the festival. SLR and DSLR cameras, GoPros and other action cameras, tablets etc. are allowed, but please leave any big flashes or lights at home. Selfie sticks are also allowed. Drones/UAV’s, however, are not allowed for safety reasons.

Please remember to respect the privacy of your fellow festival goers – so don’t post pictures of other people online without asking for their permission first. The security guards also have the right to ban photography and filming, for example at a performer’s request during their gig.


  • Telescopic rods (including selfie sticks)
  • Sealed and transparent plastic bottles (max. 1,5-litres, non-alcoholic)
  • Empty transparent plastic bottles (max. 1,5-litres, no alcohol bottles
  • Empty re-usable drinking bottles – both transparent and non-transparent (excluding alcohol containers)
  • Hairsprays and other cosmetic products
  • Foldable camping chairs
  • Small umbrellas
  • DSLR or SLR cameras
  • Snacks and food for small children
  • E-cigarette/vape supplies
  • Common over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen/aspirin
  • Medicine and medical devices prescribed to you by a doctor


  • Drugs and your own alcoholic drinks, alcohol bottles and containers
  • Glass bottles and containers
  • Metal food packaging
  • Over 1,5-litre plastic bottles or opened bottles
  • Own walkie-talkies and radio transmitters
  • Long/stick umbrellas
  • Laser pens/pointers and powerful thrower flashlights/torches
  • Firearms or replicas or items resembling them, cartridges and explosives including flares and fireworks, edged or bladed weapons, needles (without a justified reason) and other items that can be used for cutting/jabbing
  • Unnecessary tools (e.g. multi-function tools)
  • Other items/objects or substances that could be used for harming others
  • Megaphones, air horns and other noisemakers
  • Drones, remote control aircrafts and other Unmanned Aerial Vehicles not used by the organiser or the authorities
  • Crappy attitude towards your wonderful fellow human beings

These lists may be updated at any given time. The final decision about whether an item or a substance is safe to bring into the festival site or not is made by the security guards.