Ilosaarirock 2023


Dear media representatives and respected guests,
here you can find general information about Ilosaarirock Festival relevant to the media as well as press photos for media use.


Media accreditation for the 2023 edition of Ilosaarirock Festival is now open. Accreditation is intended for media representatives and music professionals coming to Ilosaarirock for work.

Please fill in your application with care as it will speed up the process. We are accepting applications until Monday, July 3rd. All accreditation applicants will be informed of the selection by Wednesday, July 5th. Please note that submitting an application for accreditation does not guarantee a positive decision or free admission to the festival.

Submit your accreditation application here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at .


For interviews regarding Ilosaarirock Festival:
Executive director Ms Niina Hattunen,
Sales & Marketing manager Mr Lauri Ruotsalainen,

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Press photos


Ava Max (US) Ava Max (US)
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3769 × 5657 px, 6.0 Mb
Benson Boone (US) Benson Boone (US)
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2143 × 3000 px, 2.7 Mb
Carpenter Brut (FR) Carpenter Brut (FR)
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2888 × 2888 px, 3.1 Mb
Dylan (UK) Dylan (UK)
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5342 × 4005 px, 3.6 Mb
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes (UK) Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes (UK)
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6256 × 4981 px, 14.8 Mb
Jacob Banks (UK) Jacob Banks (UK)
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5674 × 7674 px, 11.5 Mb
Sleep Token (UK) Sleep Token (UK)
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5719 × 8578 px, 4.4 Mt
The Prodigy (UK) The Prodigy (UK)
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Years & Years (UK) Years & Years (UK)
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Ilosaarirock Festival

Ilosaarirock Press Photo / Main Stage Ilosaarirock / Main Stage
Photo: Arttu Kokkonen
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Ilosaarirock pressikuva / Main Stage Ilosaarirock / Main Stage
Photo: Henri Huikuri
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Ilosaarirock pressikuva / Rento Stage Ilosaarirock / Rento Stage
Photo: Annika Sorjonen
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Ilosaarirock Press Photo Ilosaarirock
Photo: Antti Pitkäjärvi
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Ilosaarirock Press Photo / Decorations Ilosaarirock / Decorations
Photo: Arttu Kokkonen
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Ilosaarirock Press Photo / Main Tent Ilosaarirock / Main Tent
Photo: Henri Huikuri
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