Welcome to Ilosaari Summit at Rokumentti Rock Film Festival 2011!

Ilosaari Summit is on the lookout for answers for the fundamental questions of rock festivals and of the live music business as a whole. Everything is interrelated, and Ilosaarirock Summit is set out to find these relations.

Ilosaari Summit's schedule is packed with different views and different professionals. The Summit's programme is being created and will soon be released in co-ordination with Music Managers Forum Finland and Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association.

The Ilosaari Summit 2011 will be held in Rock Club Kerubi in Joensuu, Finland on Thursday, November 17th, 2011 during Rokumentti Rock Film Festival.

The workshop is free of charge. Please register to the workshop here.


For more information:

Email: moc.ittnemukor@noitcudorp

Markku Pyykkönen
Executive director, Joensuu Pop Musicians Association
tel. +358 50 354 9068

Kari Pössi
Chairman, Music Managers Forum Finland
tel. +358 50 564 1950

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