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NettiTV: Interview with The Hives

19.7.2012 | Aiheet: Haastattelut, In English, NettiTV

Ilosaarirock interview with The Hives’ Nicholaus Arson, Chris Dangerous and Dr. Matt Destruction. Lue lisää »

NettiTV: Interview with Goran Bregović

19.7.2012 | Aiheet: Haastattelut, In English, NettiTV

Ilosaarirock interview with Goran Bregović. Lue lisää »

NettiTV: Interview with 65daysofstatic

19.7.2012 | Aiheet: Haastattelut, In English, NettiTV

Ilosaarirock interview with 65daysofstatic’s Joe Shrewsbury and Paul Wolinski. Lue lisää »

Tanya Stephens wins over the hearts of reggae fans

18.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

The Jamaican Tanya Stephens plays laid-back, pop-influenced reggae. A happy mood takes over the Rento Stage beach as she kicks off her set with upbeat love songs. It feels so good to be in love! Stephens reminds me of Whitney … Lue lisää »

“The best kind of high is one you’re born with”

18.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

On Sunday night it’s Rollomatik‘s turn to provide the beats at Rentodisko, and though the festival may be on it’s last legs, there are still plenty of dancing legs on the beach. The mood is one of languid satisfaction, tired … Lue lisää »

65daysofstatic is electric and puts us under a spell

18.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

Take a look at the audience during 65daysofstatic’s performance and you’ll see something unusual. Most of the crowd seems to be somewhere inside their own heads, on a journey lead by the British instumental quartet. 65daysofstatic’s music is a breathtaking … Lue lisää »

Modeselektor: Roland Space Echo Analog Delay Effects Unit

18.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

The second festival day is almost ending, and one would think people would start to feel a bit gloomy about the fast approaching end to the fun. No way, says I and a huge crowd of people dancing happily to … Lue lisää »

Against Me! – Rage, with love

18.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

The last act on Ilosaarirock’s Sue Stage was Against Me!, one of the biggest names in American punk rock at the moment. The band stormed through their set, earning a fair share of singalong and fists in the air from … Lue lisää »

“Isn’t This a Bit Like Happoradio?” – Hebosagil

18.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

I set out to report on Hebosagil’s gig with a feeling of dread. I’m not familiar with the band or the genre. How is this going to turn out? Before the gig a group of six friends are waiting at … Lue lisää »

Tanya Stephens wants to make her audiences think

17.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

This year, the unrivalled queen of Rentolava stage was Tanya Stephens. Stephens is perhaps best known for speaking her mind in support of gay rights and more tolerance – not an easy feat in the conservative Jamaican society. We met … Lue lisää »

Horns of Balkan sound on the beach

17.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

”If you don’t go crazy then you aren’t normal!” yelled the star of the Rento Stage to his audience, and you have to admit, it ended up being well and truly crazy. I have to admit that I haven’t seen … Lue lisää »

Chisu Delivered Poetry and Food for Thought

17.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

Out of all the Finnish performers this weekend I had the highest expectations for Chisu. She writes her own lyrics and music and definitely is a strong personality. Her voice is that of an angel and on stage she is … Lue lisää »

Eva, Manu & the Invisible Trumpet

17.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

First Aid Kit wasn’t the only duo to brighten this Ilosaarirock Sunday with beautiful harmonies or play a Fleet Foxes cover. Eva Louhivuori and Manu “Mauno” Laudic, together with their backing crew, treated the sizeable crowd gathered at the Rekka … Lue lisää »

NettiTV: Interview with D-A-D

17.7.2012 | Aiheet: Haastattelut, In English, NettiTV

Ilosaarirock interview with D-A-D’s Jesper Binzer.

Black Star Brought New York to North Karelia

16.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

A warm breath of air from the streets of New York puffs to Ilosaarirock in the form of Black Star. Talib Kweli and Mos Def, who your average Joe Bag o’ Donuts might better know through his movie roles, grow … Lue lisää »