There is no need for words when the hands do the talking

The super producer and multi-instrumentalist RJD2 arrived to Joensuu with his four-piece band and got on the stage accompanied by a huge storm of applause. RJD2 is probably one of the most eminent hip-hop producers, and therefore it was interesting to find out how the maestro would pull through the exchange of turntables to microphone and guitar, not to mention bass or keyboards.The first half of the show was spent with the pop tunes of the new album The Third Hand. RJD2 really put his soul into the gig and proved to the audience that he really could play. Proofs of his singing talents were precarious at best though, and the sceptic listener sometimes found himself wishing that somebody would unplug his microphone.

RJD2 is a second-class pop musician; thereby it was gratifying to hear also more traditional material. After the band had departed, the wizard marched out with three sets of turntables and a MPC, and dispelled all doubts and questions about the building materials of this Ohio-grown gentleman. Stylishly chosen breaks, loops and samples changed with the speed of light as RJD2 flew from his vinyl case to the set and back. Even the most hardened RJD2 puritan breathed a sigh of relief as the wizard blasted classic tunes from Deadringer and Since We Last Spoke albums on the air. The audience was hot wax in the lightning quick hands of the veteran producer.

As the ultimate climax, RJD2 and the band, recently returned to the stage, pulled the final ace from their sleeves and played Ghostwriter from Deadringer. The classic song topped with a magnificent light show ended beautifully the gig. The audience demand an encore, which they did not get, but received a heartfelt thanks.

Text: Mikko Kuivalainen
Translation: Jari Rytkönen