Aiyekooto warmed up the beach

08aiyekooto_em01.jpgSunday’s second act on the Rentolava stage was Aiyekooto and His Afrobeat International. They literally took over the stage, every last square inch of it, because the line-up consisted of Aiyekooto and 17 other people.
Born in Nigeria, Aiyekooto moved to Helsinki a few years back. They created a crowd-pleasing highlife funk rhythm, even though the maestro himself climbed on the stage only after the first instrumental song. In addition to singing lead vocals, Aiyekooto worked as a bandleader. And leading they did need, as the diverse band included a six-man horn section, a drummer, three percussionists, two guitarists, a bass player, a keyboardist and three singers.

Their playing didn’t focus on melodies but a dancable, mellow beat. Their one-hour show included only eight songs. Two trombones, one trumpet and three saxomaphones created a truely fat sound. Their African rhythms warmed up the otherwise cold festival area considerably.

Words: Tuomas Vitikainen
Translation: Olli Sulopuisto

Photo: Eetu Mononen