Ilosaarirock 2023


All festival ticket types to the 2023 edition of Ilosaarirock Festival are now available to purchase. You can buy your tickets from the web store on this page or by heading straight to Tiketti or’s websites and outlets.

3 days
189 €
VIP 3 days
299 €

2 days
159 €
1 day
109 €
VIP 1 day
169 €
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About Ilosaarirock festival tickets

All ticket types, including three-day, two-day and one-day tickets as well as three-day and one-day VIP tickets to the 2023 edition of Ilosaarirock Festival are now available for purchase.

Ticket prices (valid until 31st of May, 2023):
3 DAYS 189 €
2 DAYS 159 €
1 DAY 109 €

VIP 3 DAYS 299 €
VIP 1 DAY 169 €

All festival tickets can be purchased from Tiketti and’s web stores and outlets. In Joensuu, you can purchase tickets at Prisma and at all R-Kioski’s. Possible service fees will be added on to the ticket prices at point of purchase.

Ilosaarirock Festival does not have an age limit. Please note that Ilosaarirock’s VIP is R-18. VIP tickets do not include any food or drink.

Read more about all ticket types and VIP tickets here.

Changes to the line-up, schedules and other arrangements of the festival are always possible and will be communicated without delay. The general practice is that festival tickets cannot be returned or refunded due to such events.